Public Safety  Advisories


The NVFD continually maintains its effort to keep the public informed regarding safety. Information on Fires, Road conditions, River levels, Forestry information/Burn status and similiar situations will be updated here. ​​


With summer temps arriving we have entered the 2019 wildfire season. Please follow safe burning practices, obtain your burn permit by clicking the Forestry link below...its free and good for one year.
Remember to drink water, with warmer temperatures comes heat related injuries so please keep a watchful eye on the young and elderly. 

​​Current Fire Danger & Burn status

​​National Weather Service

This link will direct you to the National Weather Service web page for the Nenana area. Current weather conditions and avisories are updated as they happen.

Division of Forestry
From April 1st - August 31st, burn restrictions are in effect. To obtain your burn permit or check on burn status click the " Division of Forestry" link to be redirected  to the Forestry Website.
Road Conditions
This link will take you to the Alaska Department of Transportation road conditions website. Please check road conditions before traveling.
Tanana River Conditions
This link will direct you to the USGS information on the Tanana River at Nenana. Please check river conditions and levels before boating and always tell someone where your going and when you expect to return.